Hymn Accompaniments


The hymns are keyed to the Trinity Hymnal (1990).  Those not having a page number are from other sources.  Choose the one for which you want to download (or listen to) a piano accompaniment (mp3 format).


A number of the accompaniments include an "Amen."  In almost every case, this is signalled by the playing of a single low note following the last chord of the hymn and before the "Amen" begins.  In choosing when to include an "Amen," we follow a very old tradition in the church, which is that any hymn of praise to the triune God is to end with either an "Alleluia," or an "Amen."


To select a song  by title just type in all or part of the title and press ENTER.  All of the song titles containing the words typed in will be listed and you can then choose the one desired.  To select by page number, leave the Title blank, enter the desired page number, and then press ENTER.



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